2019 Award Winners

Award of Excellence

Sponsored By Domtar

  • Paper, Pulp, Tissue, Recycle Mills. Recycle Collection Centers, and Boxboard Mills- WestRock, Vienna
  • Converting- Green Bay Packaging, Ft. Worth, TX
  • Woodlands, Sawmills, Wood Products, Plywood and Particle Board-Green Bay Packaging, Fiber Resources, AR


Sponsored by The George Kress Foundation

  • Domtar Washington Court House
  • WestRock Fort Smith Sheet Plant
  • WestRock Kennesaw Sheet Plant
  • WestRock Neenah Sheet Plant
  • WestRock Scarborough RTS
  • WestRock Tucker Engineering RTS
  • WestRock Valinhos Ink Plant
  • WestRock Atlanta East Recycle
  • WestRock Cleveland Recycle
  • WestRock Shimada, Japan

Safety Leader of the Year

Sponsored by Paper 360 °

  • Paul Bucek

Innovator Award

Sponsored by International Paper

  • WestRock, Claremont, NC 

Safety Committee/ Team Award

Sponsored by Kruger Products

  • WestRock, Evadale, TX