PPSA 2020 Virtual Award Finalist Presentations

Below are submissions from our 2019-2020 Innovator and Safety Committee/Team award finalists. These finalists have persevered through these challenging times and assembled the PowerPoint and video presentations below to showcase their innovations and dedication to safety in our industry. 

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Award Winners!

Safety Committee/Team Award
WestRock Demopolis
Safety Innovator Award
Clearwater Paper Lewiston


Thank you again to our finalists and colleagues for your assistance in continuing this spirited display and competition in 2020.

Safety Committee/Team Award Finalists

Clearwater - Lewiston, Winder Safety Kaizen Team

Westrock - Cowpens, Reducing LCE Risks,

Westrock - Demopolis, Valve Labeling

Innovator Award Finalists

Clearwater - Lewiston, Chemical Sampling Port

Greif - Milwaukee, Burn Jacket

Westrock - Claremont, Robot Safety Improvements

Westrock - Lynchburg Mill, Mobil Welding Cart

Westrock - Stockton, Conveyor Drop Table